Thank you, to the people who first encouraged me to volunteer. I may have been reluctant at first, but quickly learned that I enjoyed it. Volunteering has not only been rewarding, but it has connected me with people I never would of met in my community and around the world. On a trip to Guatemala to work with the organization From Houses to Homes I learned about the serious yet solvable problem of vitamin deficiency in expecting mothers and children in many parts of the world. Frankly, I was shocked that children were still getting serious diseases and even dying as a result of vitamin deficiencies. After discovering that for less than 3 cents a day per child many of these health problems could be avoided, I had to take action. I created Vitamin Ambassadors as a NC corporation and was approved as a 501(c)3 charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. 

Trey Wicker, Founder

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